quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

Book review: Programming Python 4th Edition

Python is a computer programming language which is being employed in several different areas or multidisciplinary areas, such as Bioinformatic. Consequently, the professionals need to understand what resources a computer programming language has. This book allows those professionals to understand how good Python can be for their requirement.

Different aspects for Python 3 have been shown in this book. Developers who have already worked with Python can design their algorithms attending the needs for Python 3 and, also, understand the updates they will have to make in their source code. On other hand, developers who have never worked with Python or other computer programming language can study Python under its version 3, the newer version of Python. Furthermore, it is described how the developers can integrate Python with C language. Thus, as mentioned by the author, the developer can have a productive language (Python) and the advantage of the programming language C (speed).